• Mrs. Smith’s News:  October 14-18, 2019   


    • This Thursday, Oct. 17: Early Release.  Please notify me of any transportation changes the morning of by written note.
    • This Friday, Oct. 18: Fall Festival.  Come on out and enjoy the fun 5-7 PM (50 cents/ticket)
    • Oct. 21-25: Red Ribbon Week

    Monday- red shirts/blue jeans

    Tuesday- wacky/backwards clothing

    Wed- sports team clothing

    Thurs- neon/bright clothing, sunglasses

    Friday- superhero clothing/costume

    • 24: Open House 5-7 PM. Come see what we’ve been up to in the classroom, however this is not the time to conference.
    • Oct 25: Popcorn Friday
    • 29: End of Grading Period & 125 Dojo points to go to celebration mentioned below
    • 31: HAPPY HALLOWEEN & PBIS Dojo Celebration. Students may wear costumes this day but no guts, gore, weapons, or masks!



    This Week’s Academic Plan:

    ELA: RL 2.3 Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.  This will be practiced within our Reading rotations.

    Math: This week we will begin adding two-digit numbers without regrouping.

    Sci./SS:  We will focus on matter this week and the three states (solid, liquid, gas)

    Word Study: Spelling words this week will focus on silent E (a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e)


    This Week's Spelling Words:

    List 1

    late                             fume

    poke                           dive

    bite                             robe

    make                          mule

    bone                          size


    List 2

    concrete                   exercise

    polite                         perfume

    costume                    telephone

    educate                     envelope

    parade                       porcupine