• Below is the outline for the current layout of the disc course set up on the Swansboro HS grounds. 


    1. Tee box on the cement outside the front of the gymnasium.

    2. Tee box the small grass area with the stop sign at the circle.

    3. Tee box is between two posts near the right side of the main grass field area.

    4. Tee box is by the small tree.

    5. Tee box is inside the grass area on the other side of the entrance.

    6. Tee box is on the corner of the parking lot by Queens Creek Elementary (basket is in the back field).

    7. Tee box is inside the football practice field (basket is by the flag pole outside of the softball field).

    8. Tee box is beside the hole 7 basket (basket is around the corner by the batting cage).

    9. Tee box is in the trail (basket is at the end of the trail by the backstop).

    *All pavement is consider OB and incurs a 1-stroke penalty.