• Students will be given four opportunities each day, in my class, to earn Dojo points. They can earn extra points for going above and beyond my expectations. Students can also be awarded points by other teachers on campus.

    I hold my students to a very high standard for behavior and expect them to give me 100% every day. Below you will find the ways in which students can earn Dojo points in class. If they are not meeting these expectations they will not earn the point. If a student has to be reminded or redirected more than once they will lose a Dojo point. Parents will be notified when points are awarded and taken via the free Dojo app. Feel free to message me on Dojo if there is a concern but be aware that points are distinguished very clearly and should not need an explanation. If behaviors continue after this I will contact parents to discuss further actions needed. 

       Dojo Points


  • Students should have the following items in their binder:


    Pencil Pouch


     Students should have the following items in their pencil pouch:




    Expo Marker

    Colored Pencils

    1 Pack of sticky notes


    Students will have 2 pencil pouches. One that parents/guardians supply and one that I will. Inside the pencil pouch that I share with them they will have 10 sharpened pencils and an ectra eraser. On Fridays students will turn these in to get sharpened.