• "A good choice today, will lead to a better tomorrow...

    We have the POWER to choose."

    This year at Coastal, we will be using Class Dojo to award "Pelican Points." Each day, your child will be awarded points based on their choices and behavior. The point system follows the color chart below and will be posted in the classroom. 

    Your child's daily Pelican Points will be posted on Class Dojo after school. These points will help students earn a celebration to recognize positive leadership each quarter! 


    Purple: The student has made several excellent choices throughout the day. He/she is consistently demonstrating good leadership to their peers.

     Blue:  The student has made great choices and is living by the 7 habits. 

     Green:  Everyone is a leader. Therefore, each student starts the day on green & stays there when showing he/she is ready to learn.

     Yellow:  The student has been given a warning and continued to make a poor choice. This is time for reflection and adjustment in the classroom.

     Orange:  The student has been given multiple warnings and continued to make poor choices that impacted his/her learning, or others'. A private discussion with the teacher is necessary.  

     Red:  The student has not turned his/her behavior around. I will notify parents/guardians. If a serious or severe behavior occurs, he/she will receive an office referral.