• *Please also consider getting a laptop sleeve for your child. These are very beneficial as an extra layer of protection for your child's laptop when being transported to and from school. Below is a link to an example of one that would fit our laptops. Thank you!

     Laptop Sleeve Link

  • 3rd Grade

    1     Pencil pouch
    1     Headphones (no earbuds please)

    24 Ticonderoga Pencils No. 2 (sharpened)  

    4     Marble Composition Notebooks

    1     Pack of wide-ruled notebook paper

    1     Grid Notebook for math (cm grids)

    1     Pack of Sticky/Post-it Notes

    1     Box of Crayons 24 count 

    1     Pack Colored Pencils

    2     Pink Block Erasers

    1     Pack Expo Markers

    4     Plastic Folders  (2 with prongs)
    2     Glue Sticks

    2     Highlighters

    1     Pair of Scissors


    Cardstock (colored or white)                                

    Packs of copy paper (colored or white)

    Clorox Wipes
    Hand sanitizer

    Index Cards

    Gallon Ziplock (boys)

    Quart Ziplock (girls)