• 1st Grade

    Behavior Polices and Expectations



    Good behavior is essential in the classroom for students to have a calm, safe and comfortable learning environment. The following noise levels have been established throughout the school to assist in keeping an orderly classroom:

    Level 0 – Zero Noise Level

    Level 1 – Quiet Talk

    Level 2 - Low Voices

    Level 3 - Presenting Voices

    Level 4 – Playground Voices


    Expectations – These are recited each morning in class

    Positive Attitude

    Own Your Actions

    Never Give Up

    You are limitless


    Students are expected to be productive during individual and group work. They should show respect to all individuals in the school and in the classroom. By behaving in a respectful way to all, they will be inspiring others who will also want to share their support of others in respectful ways. Students are expected to be engaged in their own learning by asking thought-provoking questions and using problem-solving strategies. It is vital that they are an active participant in their own learning.