Going Above and Beyond

Students Who Go Above and Beyond

  • August/September-  SIMON CARO- Congratulations Simon on being selected Student of the Month by your peers. Continue the great work and showing "Respect". 


    October-  Izeih- Great job Izeih on being selected by your classmates as "Eagle of the Month" for October!


    November- Daphne- Well done Daphane on being chosen as "Eagle of the Month" for November. The character trait of focus was "Caring". Nice job. 




    January- Congrats to Stanley for being selected as our Eagle of the Month for January! Way to go Stanley!


    Feburary- Congratulations to Jonah for being selected as Eagle of the Month for the month of February! This month's character trait is Cooperation. Way to go Jonah!








    Student of Excellence-  a student who has made exceptional growth this year: