Class Dojo
  • Class Dojo will be used in and out of the classroom. Students will earn or lose points during the school day based on behavior, effort, and completion of work (never on performance as every student performs at different levels). Parents and the teacher will communicate through Dojo's communitcation platform as well as parents will be able to see the points earned and lost throughout the day on Dojo. 

    Messages from Mrs. Drye can be found in the "Messages" part of Dojo. Important annoucements and other information can be found in the "Class Story" section of Class Dojo. 

     Students can also go in Class Dojo and customize their Dojo Monster. 

    Every Friday students will be able to use their Dojo points to "cash in" for rewards and prizes. We will do this in the afternoon at the end of the day on Fridays.