3/12- Daylights Savings Time Begins - Spring Forward 1 hour

    3/14- PTO Meeting- 5:30pm- Cafeteria

    3/17- St. Patrick's Day

    3/22- Early Release Day- students dismiss at 12:00 pm

    3/24- 4th Grade Field Trip to NC Museum of Science

    3/29- End of Grading Period

    3/30- NEHS Induction (9 am)


  • Weekly Message for 3/13-3/17


    Reminders and Updates:

    • 3/12- Sunday- Daylight Savings begins- Spring Forward one hour!
    • 3/14- Tuesday- PTO Meeting- 5:30pm- Cafeteria
    • 3/17- Friday- St. Patrick's Day



    • This week's Enrichment schedule will be Mon.- GuidanceTues.- Art, Wed.- P.E., Thurs.- Music, and Fri.- Global Lab.




    • If you know that you will be checking your child out early, please send me an email/note that morning letting me know what time. Often, check-outs occur during our recess time, and it is difficult to get students into the building and packed up. I am unable to leave students unattended on the playground. If I know ahead of time, your child can be ready when the office calls for them.  Thanks so much to everyone that has done so already!
    • Please make sure your child has a water bottle each day. The school’s water fountains are closed, and students need to have water, especially after recess.  THIS IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS ANY OTHER MATERIALS THAT WERE ON THEIR SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST!
    • EVERY STUDENT MUST HAVE EARBUDS FOR THE CLASSROOM, AS THEY WERE LISTED ON THE SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR.  Some students started off with them, but they may have been damaged by this point.  Please check with your child on the status of their earbuds and replace them, if necessary.
    • Homework is a MUST in fourth grade and counts as 10% of your child’s grade. There will be unit tests in science and social studies and study guides will come home at least a week in advance for these tests. Please ensure that your child completes his/her homework each night as it reinforces the content that was taught in class that day.  For the remainder of the year, 0% will be given to students that do not come prepared.  The only exception will be absence.
    • Students must make sure that laptops are charged each night and brought to school the next day. 
    • Please check your child's binder nightly.  Parents should ensure they are reviewing and or signing any important paperwork that should be located in the front and that students are completing the homework assignments they should have copied down in class.  I will be sending home ANY assignments that are below 70% to be signed and returned, so please be on the lookout for those.
    • I encourage EVERY PARENT to have their child show them the OneNote app on their laptop.  It should be a purple box with a N, pinned to the bottom toolbar.  Each student has several folders created for them.  I am gradually putting notes and strategies that we are discussing in class in these folders.  The Classwork and Homework sections for these subjects will only be if I assign something to them online, which has not happened yet.  If you look in the Content Library section of their OneNote, there should be a HOMEWORK tab at the top.  This should have your child's most recent homework assignments listed there and what they were expected to copy in class that day.  Feel free to look around and have your child discuss this with you.


    Below is what we are learning this week:

    Math: This week, we will be focusing on Relating Decimals and Fractions and Writing Decimals as Equivalent Fractions.  Please ensure your child completes their homework each night and that all homework has work shown for each problem, if applicable.  I cannot assist your child with understanding his/her mistakes, if they have no work on their paper. Homework that is missing work will result in a deduction of 10 points.  PLEASE REVIEW THE DEAR FAMILY SHEET that comes home at the beginning of every new lesson.  This is a great way to keep parents in the loop and help explain the standard your child is expected to show proficiency in.

          Also, students received a yellow sheet of paper which has multiplication facts (0-12). This should remain in their binder ALL YEAR LONG as a reference to study by and for parents or siblings to assist them with.  Multiplication is a HUGE part of 4th grade and if your child does not already know their facts, then they are already behind.  Students will frequently receive assessments that will include a variety of facts from 0-12.  Please assist your child with learning these facts, if they are having difficulty.  These assessments will be timed as to assist with building their fluency.  When working on word problems, area and perimeter, and fractions, the difficult part should be determining which operation to apply or which steps to follow.  The easiest part should be knowing their facts.


    ELA (Reading/Writing/Word Study):  This week, we will continue Identifying the Main Idea of a story/passage along with Supporting Details and Summaries.  We will also continue working on Contemporary Fiction in our CKLA reading program.  Homework is always subject to change, depending on what we are able to cover in class.  Please make sure your child is completing their nightly assignments, as 0% will be given for each missing assignment.  The only exception will be due to absence.

          Also, throughout the entire year, we will be using a program called Daily Reading Ready or DRR.  This will be in the form of daily worksheets to complete.  It consists of a very short passage with 2 multiple choice questions and some exit ticket questions at the bottom. Monday and Tuesday will have the same passage, but different questions.  The same with Wednesday and Thursday, the same passage, but different questions.  There will be a weekly assessment every Friday, where students will apply the skills we discussed/reviewed during the week and from what they learned in 3rd grade.  What's nice about the 4th grade reading curriculum is that is almost identical to the 3rd grade curriculum, but with deeper content.  This program, along with the vocabulary sheets that students will be using will greatly prepare them for their benchmark assessments, as well as their End of Year Test. 

    Students will be receiving a new list of Spelling Words tomorrow.  These words will need to be reviewed for their spelling, pattern, grammar, and meaning.  Students will be assessed on Friday of next week.  As last week was a short week, students will be taking last week's test tomorrow, Monday 13th.  It can be extremely beneficial for many students to not only learn their spelling of words, but to develop an understanding of word patterns for reading and writing. 


    Social Studies:  This month we will discuss Influential Women.  Students will be completing research in class on some of these influential women.  We will also begin looking at NC's Coastal Plain Region in our Social Studies Book.  This will include Explorers and Settlers, Settling near Albemarle Sound, Challenges Colonists Faced, Settling near the Cape Fear River, and The American Revolution.    

    Science:  This week, we will continue learning about Magnets along with Forces and Motion. 

    Students should be able to:

    Explain how various forces affect the motion of an object.

    Explain how magnets interact with all things made of iron and with other magnets to produce motion without touching them.

    Explain how electrically charged objects push or pull on other electrically charged objects and produce motion.

    Understand how force affects the motion of an object.


    Describe the motion of a moving object (away from or closer).


    Define force as a push or a pull.


    Predict how forces can change the speed or direction of moving objects.