Important Dates 2023-2024

  • August

    17-Kindergarten Signing Day – 12:00-4:00


    24-CVE Open Houses – 10:00-12:00/4:00-6:00


    28-First Day of School


    30-PTO Night at Arby’s


    4-Holiday – Labor Day - No School


    4-8-Substitute Appreciation Week


    8-School Physical Therapist Appreciation Day


    13-Third Grade “BOG” Assessment


    14-PTO Meeting 5:30 - (tentative time)

    15-PTO Meeting – 9:30 am


    19-Candyman Kickoff

    19-29-Candyman Fundraiser


    20-Early Release Day – Dismissal at 12:30


    22-PTO Popcorn Friday


    23-27-Red Ribbon Week


    27-PTO Night at Arby’s


    28-Interim Reports


    29-PTO Moving Night


    2-6-Fall Book Fair


    2-School Custodian Appreciation Day


    5-One School, One Book Kickoff – 5:00-7:00

    5-Parent Night at Book Fair – 5:00-7:00


    9-Teacher Workday


    11-Coffee and Chat with Admin. – 9:30


    12-September Behavior Celebration


    13-September Student of the Month – 9:30


    18-Early Release Day – Dismissal at 12:30


    19-PTO Meeting – 5:30 (tentative time)


    20-Fall Pictures (with Staff Picture)


    20-PTO Meeting – 9:30


    20-PTO Popcorn Friday


    25-PTO Night at Arby’s


    27-School Occ. Therapist Appreciation Day


    27-PTO Fall Festival – Times TBA


    1-Quarters for College


    1-9-PTO Letters to Veterans


    3-October Student of the Month – 9:30


    7-Report Cards 


    9-October Behavior Celebration

    9-Veterans Day Event – TBD


    10-Holiday – Veterans Day – No School


    13-17-School Psychologist Week

    13-17-World Kindness Week


    15-Early Release Day – Dismissal at 12:30


    16-PTO Meeting – 5:30 (tentative time)


    17-1st Quarter Awards

    17-PTO Popcorn Friday


    21-One School, One Book Celebration – TBD


    22-Teacher Workday


    23-24-Holiday – Thanksgiving – No School


    27-PTO Letters to Santa Begins


    29-PTO Night at Arby’s


    30-Picture Makeups


    1-8-PTO Letters to Santa


    1-PTO Movie Night


    2-OCS Holiday Chorus Concert – 4:00 @JHS


    4-8-Santa Shop (PTO)


    5-Coffee and Chat with Admin. – 9:30


    7-Interim Reports


    7-Candyman Main Event – TBA


    8-November Student of the Month – 9:30


    11-November Behavior Celebration


    12-PTO Meeting – 5:30 (tentative time)


    14-Holiday Concerts (school and evening) – TBD


    15-PTO Popcorn Friday


    18-31-Holiday Break – No School


    27-PTO Night at Arby’s


    1-Holiday – New Years Day – No School


    2-Teacher Workday


    9-Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


    11-PTO Meeting – 5:30 (tentative time)


    12-December Student of the Month – 9:30


    15-Holiday – MLK Day – No School


    19-PTO Movie Night


    22-Teacher Workday


    23-Teacher Workday 


    24-Quarters for College


    26-PTO Popcorn Friday


    29-PTO Valentine Gram Sales begin


    30-Report Cards 


    31-PTO Night at Arby’s


    **PTO Penny Wars – Dates TBD


    1-9-PTO Valentine Gram Sales


    5-9-National School Counseling Week


    6-2nd Quarter Awards


    8-PTO Meeting – 5:30 (tentative time)


    9-January Behavior Celebration


    9-PTO Meeting – 9:30 am


    10-All County Elementary Chorus – 3:00 - NSHS


    13-Coffee and Chat with Admin. – 9:30


    14-PTO Valentine Grams delivered

    14-Early Release Day – Dismissal at 12:30


    16-January Student of the Month – 9:30


    19-Teacher Workday


    23-PTO Popcorn Friday


    26-Interim Reports 


    28-PTO Night at Arby’s



    1-PTO Movie Night


    4-8-School Social Worker Week


    7-PTO Meeting – 5:30


    8-February Student of the Month – 9:30


    13-Spring Picture Day

    13-Early Release Day – Dismissal – 12:30


    14-21-Spring Book Fair


    15-PTO Spring Festival


    20-February Behavior Celebration


    22-PTO Popcorn Friday


    25-29-Holiday Break – No School


    27-PTO Night at Arby’s


    1-30-Month of the Military Child


    1-Teacher Workday


    3-Paraprofessional Appreciation Day


    4-School Librarian Day


    5-Quarters for College


    5-March Behavior Celebration


    8-12-Assistant Principal Week


    10-Early Release – Dismissal at 12:30


    11-Report Cards 

    11-PTO Meeting – 5:30 (tentative time)


    12-March Student of the Month – 9:30


    15-19-Volunteer Appreciation Week


    15-Military Child Appreciation Day


    18-3rd Quarter Awards


    19-PTO Movie Night


    24-Administrative Assistant Day


    24-PTO Night at Arby’s


    25-Field Day Grades K-2


    26-Field Day Grades 3-5


    26-PTO Popcorn Friday


    29-Teacher Workday


    1-School Principal Appreciation Day




    2-PTO Meeting – 5:30 (tentative time)


    3-April Behavior Celebration


    3-School Lunch Hero Day


    6-10-All Staff Appreciation Week


    8-Interim Reports 


    8-School Nurse Appreciation Day


    9-Boosterthon Event


    10-April Student of the Month


    17-PTO Movie Night


    18-Speech Language Path. Appreciation Day


    21-Spring Concert - tentative


    24-PTO Popcorn Friday


    27-Holiday – Memorial Day – No School


    29-EOG’s – Gr. 3 ELA/Gr. 5 Science


    29-PTO Night at Arby’s


    30-PTO Meeting – time TBD


    3-May Student of the Month – 9:30


    4-EOG’s – Gr. 4-5 ELA/Gr. 3 RTA


    6-EOG’s – Gr. 3,4,5 Math


    10-Kindergarten Completion Ceremonies


    11-Fifth Grade Completion Ceremonies

    11-Last Day of School


    12- Teacher Workday


    13-Teacher Workday


    14-Teacher Workday