• All year content! 


    Math: Number Review 

    ELA: Fables and Stories 

    Writing: Narrative Writing

    Science/SS: Routines/Procedures/Rules



    Math: Count on to add and subtract, use a number line to add and subtract

    ELA: Decoding CV and CVC words, Orally blending and segmenting single-syllable words, identifying characteristics in a story.

    Writing: Sentence formation, punctuation (periods and exclamation marks)

    Science/SS: Constitution Day, Apples, Fire Safety, and community helpers



    Math: Add and subtract within word problems, doubles and doubles plus 1, number partners for 6 and 7

    ELA: Nouns, identify letter-sound correspondence, CVC, CCVC, CVCC words

    Writing: Identifying nouns, and verbs

    Science/SS: Bats, pumpkins, spiders, African Animals, Mammals 



    Math: Number partners for 7 and 8, number patterns for 10, understand the equal sign, facts I know


    Writing: Informational writing, W's (who, what, when, where, why) 

    Science/SS: Native Americans, Pilgrims, needs/wants, goods/services



    Math: Understand teen numbers, understand sums greater than 10, make a 10 to add, add 3 numbers

    ELA: Key details in a text, fiction, and non-fiction, text features

    Writing: Identifying adjectives, proper nouns, commas

    Science/SS: Christmas around the World



    Math: Make a 10 to subtract, understand missing addends, understand 10, count to 150

    ELA: Fiction/Non-Fiction, Main idea, Key details, compare and contrast characters

    Writing: Informational writing, writing process

    Science/SS: Polar animals, habitats, Black History Month



    Math: Understand 10 more and 10 less, add and subtract 10s, understand 10s and 1s, compare numbers

    ELA: Illustrations/point of view, retell central messages

    Writing: Opinion writing, main idea, and key details

    Science/SS: President's Day, Rocks, Earth/Moon/Sun



    Math: Add 10 to any numbers, add 10s and add 1s, add and regroup

    ELA: Central message, compare and contrast stories and characters

    Writing: Opinion writing (giving reasons and closures)

    Science/SS: Maps/globes, force, and motion, magnets, spring flowers!



    Math: Understand 2d shapes, understand 3d shapes, putting 2d and 3d shapes together

    ELA:Compare and contrast the character's experiences/adventures, identify words/phrases in stories or poems that suggest a feeling 

    Writing: Strengthing narrative writing skills (using more details)

    Science/SS: Earth Day and Recycling 



    Math: Understand breaking shapes into parts, sort, and count, compare data, order objects by length

    ELA: Describe characters feelings, who is telling the story? character setting-events/ Compound words and homophones

    Writing: Strengthing narrative writing skills (using more details)

    Science/SS: Oceans, ocean animals, North Carolina, Fairytales



    Math: Compare lengths, understand length measurement, tell time, money

    ELA:  Describe characters feelings, who is telling the story? character setting-events/ Compound words and homophones

    Writing: End of the year memory books

    Science/SS:Summer Safety