• Although, official gifted identification and gifted services do not begin until mid-year 3rd Grade in Onslow County, meeting the needs of those above average students who exhibit talent development for grades K-2 is important.  DES offers enrichment opportunities for Grade 2 and resources for parents and teachers for Kindergarten and 1st graders. Access these resources for K-2 enrichment opportunities. 

  • 2nd Grade

    PROBE notebooks: Personal Research On Basically Everything

    What is a PROBE notebook?  Use this guide to begin the research process with your child.


    What are analogies?  Check out this resource that will guide your child through finding relationships between objects.

    Analogy Enrichment


    Does your child like to solve mysteries? Logic Elimination Grids are perfect!  Use this resource to challenge your child's thinking skills.

    Logic Elimination Grids


    Want to learn how to code?  Join this class I created for Enrichment DES.

    Code.org Class Code


    Reproduced from NCDPI, great math problems to keep your skills sharp!

    Week by Week 1

    Week by Week 2

    Week by Week 3


    Wonderopolis: Where wonders never cease!



    Learn to play chess!

    Chess Kids