From DPI
  • The most effective contacts and answers to questions or resolutions to challenges are between those who most closely work with our students.   Board policy has established that “complaints” should be received and addressed “at the level closest to which the complaint originated.”  Certain situations require additional assistance.  We encourage those with questions or concerns to follow this basic contact plan. 


    For inquires and matters that can be resolved at the classroom level, parents are encouraged to make direct contact with the primary EC teacher of record or the EC CASE MANAGER.  It may be difficult to connect with a specific psychologist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, etc.  So even if the matter isn’t related to the primary EC teacher of record, he or she can help make the appropriate connections.   School Level Contact Information


    If a matter can’t be resolved at the classroom level, contact the school’s administrator.   A principal or assistant principal can help facilitate the process.   This may include connecting a parent with the EC PROGRAM COACH assigned to the school. 


    • If a matter is about EC processes or is educational/IEP related, the district’s current point of parental contact is the EC DIRECTOR, Mrs. Frances Turner.   While the district isn’t currently served by a parent liaison, Mrs. Turner will work closely with parents and schools to help resolve issues.  Mrs. Frances Turner can be reached at  or 910-455-2211 ext 71231.
    • If a matter is about a 504 plan or related questions, the district’s 504 COORDINATOR / point of contact is Mrs. Misty Williams.   Each school has a 504 contact that will need to be involved, but with 504 matters, Mrs. Williams can help facilitate.  Mrs. Misty Williams can be reached at or 910-455-2211 ext 71234.
    • For general matters or if you don't know who you need to contact, reach out to EC office support staff member, Mrs. McKellar.  Mrs. Kathleen McKellar can be reached at or 910-455-2211 ext 71232.




    Special Notes-

    • While many issues can be handled through informal communication or conferences, a parent may request an IEP meeting in order to consider service and educational matters.
    • Formal grievances that go beyond items described above may be governed by OCS Board of Education Policy 1740/4010.  This specific process also begins at the school level but is governed by specific steps, timelines and procedures.