School and Classroom Vision & Mission Statements

  • Here at HES we strive to use the 7 habits to be the best leaders we can be. 

    At Heritage Elementary School, our vision is to inspire our heroes to become future leaders.

    At Heritage Elementary School we are on a mission to love, lead and serve.

     HES Belief Statements:

    • All children can learn.
    • All decisions should be made in the best interest of the children.
    • Every child has a right to an environment that promotes learning utilizing home, school, and community teamwork.
    • All children should be provided the competencies to think critically and apply problem-solving skills that will help them become independent learners and globally competitive.
    Our Class Mission Statement
    In Mrs. Bryan’s class, we will dream big and be an example for others to follow.  We will be respectful, kind, helpful, responsible, and persevere whenever challenged.