class registration

Information for Registration

  • Registration Plan

    • Monday (2/27)
      • Registration Overview: we will talk about the registration process, some rules for scheduling, and general information about high school
      • Students will receive their Grad trackers and Transcripts
    • Tuesday (2/28)
      • Core Classes: We will discuss core courses, class levels, and GPA
      • Student will receive "Ready for Honors/AP?" Information sheet 
    • Wednesday (3/1)
      • Electives: We will discuss academic electives like NCVPS and Dual-Enrollment and arts electives like journalism, art, band, and chorus
      • Course Guide is available online:
        • We'll cover Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Health and PE, World Languages, and Misc. sections under High School Courses, E-Learning (Online) Opportunities, and Coastal Carolina Community College tabs
    • Thursday (3/2)
      • Electives: We will discuss CTE electives on campus, at the Skills Center, Internship/Job Shadowing opportunities
          • We'll cover the Career and Technical Education and Eastern North Carolina Regional Skills Center sections
    • Friday (3/3)
      • Students will complete their wishlist and submit their forms to their HR teachers to turn into counselors. 

    Counselors will beging meeting with students (and parents if requested) on March 6th.