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    Mauro Gatti House of Fun - Snapchat St.Patrick's Day Stickers

    March 27-31, 2023


    I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Our classroom needs tissues, snacks, sticky glue, highlighters. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.   Please take a few minutes to review what is happening in the forest.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Enjoy your week 😊 
    2. Please visit my website during the week and monitor students'assignments.  https://www.onslow.k12.nc.us/Domain/10953
    1. Please read CFIE Family Newsletter  - https://www.smore.com/907a3 


    Important Upcoming Class/School Happenings:

    • Wednesday, March 29th – End of Grading Perio
    • Spring Break  –   04/03/2023 to 04/07/2023   
    • Thursday, April 13th – Report Cards Go Home
    • Friday, April 13th – Field Trip to Tryon Palace
    • Tuesday, April 18th – Lockdown Drill
    • If you know that you will be checking your child out early, please send me an email/note that morning letting me know what time. Often, check-outs occur during our recess time, and it is difficult to get students into the building and packed up. I am unable to leave students unattended on the playground. If I know ahead of time, your child can be ready when the office calls for them.  Thanks so much to everyone that has done so already!
    • Please make sure your child has a water bottle each day. THIS IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS ANY OTHER MATERIALS THAT WERE ON THEIR SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST!
    • Students must make sure that laptops are charged each night and brought to school the next day.
    • We will have a movie day on friday. 

    Below is what we are learning this week:

    Math: This week, students will solve word problems about time and money.  There will be a quiz on Thursday.   Please ensure your child is completing homework each night and that all homework has work shown for each problem. I cannot assist your child with understanding his/her mistakes, if they have no work on their paper. 


     Also, students received a flashcard set which has multiplication facts (0-12). This should remain in their binder ALL YEAR LONG as a reference to study by and for parents or siblings to assist them with.  Multiplication is a HUGE part of 4th grade and if your child does not already know their facts, then they are already behind.  Students will receive an assessment every Friday that will include a variety of facts from 0-12.  Please assist your child with learning these facts, if they are having difficulty.  These assessments will be timed as to assist with building their fluency.  When working on word problems, area and perimeter, and fractions, the difficult part should be determining which operation to apply or which steps to follow.  The easiest part should be knowing their facts.


    ELA (Reading/Writing/Word Study):  We will continue with our  book American Revolution and using previous skills taught to answer various questions about the text. Also, we will continue with our review on text structures – comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, sequencing events, and using description to write about a topic . Homework is always subject to change, depending on what we were able to cover in class.  Please make sure your child is completing their nightly assignments.


    Science:  We are going to finish our forces and motion unit.  Topics this week:  how electricity charged objects push or pull on their electronically charged objects to produce motion; and recognize the basic forms of energy (light, sound, heat, electrical, and magnetic).  There will be a test on Thursday. 


    Social Studies: We will finish with your chapter on the Piedmont Region.  Students will have an open-book quiz on Friday.  

    Please continue to encourage your child to work hard and do his/her best.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Enjoy your week 😊



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