Painted Poetry

Painted Poetry

  • Have you heard of painted poetry? 

    Painted poetry starts with a favorite poem (written by you or another author). Then you bring the poem alive visually! 

    Let me give you some examples:

    painted poempoem

    It can also include blackout poetry:

    The poem above was created by blacking out words from a text by another author.  This created a poetic and visual image. 

    Here is another example of blackout poetry. This started out as an experpt from Harry Potter:

    My favorite painted poems are about nature! 

    There are so many ways to create painted poetry! You can illustrate a haiku, draw images between the lines of a favorite poem or write the poem on your page in a new creative way...

    Painted poetry is a great way to flex your creative muscles!

    If you are interested in learning about painted poetry, you are welcome to join this club. To join, please email Shannon Henderson @ Once your email is received, an invitation to the "Painted Poetry" Microsoft TEAM will be sent to you. 

    Club dates and times for 2022-2023 are to be determined. More information will be coming.