• PE Pledge

    Each day at the start of class, students recite the PE class pledge.  By saying the pledge, students are making a promise to themselves and their classmates that they are ready to begin class at their very best.  The kids love saying it and so do I!  




    Attention Signal

    School wide, all K-5 students know what to do when they hear the whistle. "Whistle, whistle, clap, clap, shhhh!!"  It is a signal to stop, listen and give their attention to the teacher.  At this time, we stop playing, stop moving and stop touching equipment.  It is a sign of respect to the teacher and the other students to follow this cue the first time, every time.  Following this direction keeps everyone safe and gives us more time to play, which is what PE is all about.

    Leveling Up

    Seen here, students level up for following great rules without prompting.  Way to go!

    Chill Out

    Chill out is a place for student reflection and a brief time out before returning to the activity.  A student will visit chill out after receiving their third strike for not following directions.

    Awesome Cards

    Classes earn an eagle egg for receiving "4 Awesome Cards"

    PE Leaders

    A PE leader is the leader of the class and they are chosen on the basis of behavior.  By the end of the year, each student will have at least one opportunity to be the PE leader.  PE leaders may also receive an extra life in a game, help the teacher with equipment, help with demonstrations, help clean up and receive a special job or position in the activity for their positive efforts.

    PE Hall of Fame

    The PE hall of fame is reserved for students who go above and beyond in PE on a consistent basis.  Their effort, behavior, commitment to try their best, show sportsmanship and always keep a positive attitude are some of the many characteristics they display on a regular basis.  They are excellent role models for their peers. Every 9 weeks, I typically choose 2 students from each grade to be rewarded with this honor.  Their picture is displayed on the wall in PE for all to see.  I am proud of all of my students, but these students receive the highest honor.  


    ***Please see the PBIS in PE or PE Class News tab to learn more about behavior, 4 awesome's and leveling up.