• Students should bring the following to class everyday:

    1. Writing Utensils: Blue/Black Ink pens and Pencils (Wooden or Mechanical)
    2. Loose leaf paper
    3. Highlighters (We will be using highlighters often to annotate texts)
    4. Binder: Sections for 1) Journals/Quick writes, 2) Vocabulary and Notes, 3) Handouts and Worksheets, 4) Extra Loose Leaf, 5) Study Guides, Tests, and Quizzes
    5. Laptop
    6. Folder for Essay (Not until 2nd grading period) for Mind Map, Outline, Rough Draft, Peer Reviews, and Final Draft 

    *Colored pencils, Markers, or Crayons (Not a requirement, but useful in class for projects and extra credit opportunities)