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  • Who takes the Pre-ACT?
    The PreACT is administered to all 10th graders.  
    What is the Pre-ACT test?
    The PreACT simulates the ACT testing experience by providing students early exposure to ACT test-quality questions. The PreACT is reported on the same 1–36 score scale as the ACT, but PreACT has a maximum score of 35. The PreACT also provides a predicted ACT composite score range.  The ACT is required for all 11th graders.
    How is the Pre-ACT set up?
    The PreACT assessment includes four multiple-choice tests: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

    How will the scores from the Pre-ACT be used?
    The PreACT is designed to help parents and educators identify areas where students may need additional academic support or remediation. The PreACT can also help to initiate strategic conversations between parents and schools regarding dual enrollment decisions, identifying curriculum gaps, implementing interventions on behalf of students, and choosing Advanced Placement classes.