• What EOCs are given at the high school level?
    The EOC assessments are available for Biology, English II, NC Math 1, and NC Math 3. Students enrolled for credit in courses where EOC assessments are required must take the appropriate EOC assessment at the completion of the course.
    When will EOCs be given?
    First semester exams will be delivered from January 16-19, 2024. Second semester exams will be delivered from June 6-June 11, 2024.  
    What do EOCs measure?
    The EOC assessments are aligned to the NCSCoS for English Language Arts and Mathematics and the North Carolina Essential Standards for Science. The assessments measure the students' content knowledge and skills application as described in the NCSCoS and Essential Standards. 
    How are the assessments administered?
    All EOC assessments are required to be administered online. Exceptions to this rule are for approved technology hardship requests or for students with disabilities who have documented accommodations that dictate a paper/pencil test format is necessary for accessibility.
    • The online and paper/pencil English II assessments contain multiple-choice and constructed-response items.
    • The online and paper/pencil NC Math 1 assessment consists of two parts: calculator inactive and calculator active. Students may use a calculator only for the calculator active part of the test.
    • The online NC Math 1 and NC Math 3 assessments contain multiple-choice items, numeric entry items, and technology-enhanced items. The paper/pencil assessment consists of multiple-choice and gridded response items.
    • The NC Math 3 assessment contains only calculator active items.
    • The online Biology assessment questions are multiple-choice and technology-enhanced; the paper/pencil test questions are all multiple-choice.
    How are the test results used?
    Per SBE policy TEST-003, schools are to use results from all EOC assessments as at least twenty (20) percent of the student’s final grade for each respective course. Teachers also use assessment data to drive future instruction. 
    *Individual Student Reports (ISRs) will be made available in both the parent and student portals when scores are ready.*