• Our schedule will be posted on our website to help families keep track of Encore days.  Students are also encouraged to write their encores in their agendas. Some teachers will also send home a monthly calendar.  

    Right now our times for Encore are as follows:

    8:35-9:25:  FIFTH GRADE

    9:30-10:20:  SECOND GRADE

    10:45-11:35:  FOURTH GRADE

    11:40-12:25:  KIND.

    1:15-2:05:  FIRST GRADE

    2:20-3:10:  THIRD GRADE

    **If a grade level has more than five teachers, one class will be split up into the other classrooms.  This will allow us to maintain a five day schedule.  If your student is in the class that will split, just ask them what class they have encore with.  Then you can look at the schedule I have posted and see when your student has PE.

    Classes to be split at this time: Kind.-Ms. Nelson,  First Grade-Ms. Taylor and Second Grade-Ms. Schuster.

    **We will also have 5th grade rotate by groups and not homeroom teachers.  Once students are assigned groups, you can ask them what group they are in and look at the schedule I have provided to see when your student has PE.

    PE 2022