• At Northside High School, we strive to help students make a smooth transition both to and from Northside when our families move for jobs, PCSing to a new duty station, to be closer to family, or whatever reason that brings you to Northside or necessitates a transfer to another school. Below is an enrollment and withdrawal checklist for your convenience.

    Enrollment CHECKLIST

    • The following information is required in order to enroll your child: 
      1. A certified copy of your child's birth certificate or other acceptable proof of birth.
      2. Proof of guardianship (such as a custody order, pre-adoptive orders, or simply having your name listed on the birth certificate as a parent)
      3. Proof of address such as:
        • Current water or electric bill in parent's name that is no more than 30 days old,
        • Affidavit of residency notarized by the person with whom you are residing.  This person will need to provide proof of address.
      4. A photo ID of the parent or legal custodian
      5. Your child's immunization record - Please follow this link for information about immunization requirements.
      6. Any custody documents


    • Access and complete the Onslow County Schools Registration Packet at: https://onslowncc.scriborder.com
    • Contact Nicole Kameenui at 910-455-4868 ext. 32010 if you have any questions regarding your child's registration.




    Withdrawal CHECKLIST

    • When possible, notify Northside High School Registrar Dawn Butcher at 910-455-4868 ext. 32005 that your child will be leaving at least two weeks in advance.
    • Request official transcripts.
    • Before the child's last day, ensure that you have the following documentation
      • Most current report card or withdrawal grades
      • Any additional paperwork - this would include medical, IEP, 504, AIG.
    • If you are PCSing overseas, please contact Nicole Kameenui to coordinate the transfer of records.
    • Find out the latest date your child can withdraw from school and still receive full credit.