Students entering high school make important decisions about their futures. The Onslow County Secondary Course of Study is a comprehensive document profiling the individual programs and courses of study at Onslow County’s eight high schools. It is an effort to provide students, parents and school professionals with an instrument to assist students in the selection of courses for grades 9 through 12.

    The Onslow County School System believes that every student should be well-informed prior to making decisions concerning course and concentration selection. For that reason, this Secondary Course of Study is designed to assist students and parents in making their secondary school experience pleasant, informative and, most importantly, successful. Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to utilize this information while working closely with school personnel to plan a sequence of courses which will serve to meet the academic needs and accomplish the career goals of the student. Parents are strongly encouraged to take an active role and work collaboratively with school personnel in their child’s scheduling process. Teacher recommendations can also be helpful in making course selections.

    This educational plan should be formulated carefully and should take into account such factors as the student’s interests, abilities, educational and career goals. The courses students select will shape the educational experiences they receive during their high school careers. The choice of specific courses is the critical foundation for career and post-secondary preparation. The decisions made will have an important impact on each student’s future. In today’s highly competitive and increasingly global economy, it is imperative that every student be equipped with the competencies needed to participate fully in a knowledge-based, technologically rich and culturally diverse society. A high-quality secondary education is the springboard to a successful and rewarding future. By planning ahead for life’s choices, a solid foundation is built. Therefore, students are encouraged to take the choices they make regarding high school very seriously. Every student should strive to high standards by taking a rigorous and well-rounded course load. Students and parents/guardians alike must realize that the high school transcript is the official record of every course taken in high school and will follow the student throughout his (or her) adult life.

    The information contained in this Course of Study outlines graduation requirements, explains testing requirements and provides insight into long-range career/academic planning, as well as providing a listing of high school courses offered in Onslow County schools. Please become familiar with the information on this Course of Study and utilize it to make the most of the high school experience. Additional assistance in this regard is available through each school’s Guidance Office.