• Diploma Endorsements:

    Students enrolled in North Carolina high schools shall have the opportunity to earn Endorsements to their High School Diploma that identify a particular area of focused study, beginning with the graduating class of 2019-2020. The earning of endorsements shall be based on the following criteria:


    1. Students shall meet all requirements set forth in State Board Policy, “State Graduation Requirements” related to earning a high school diploma.
    2. Students may earn a Career Endorsement, a College Endorsement, a College/UNC Endorsement, a North Carolina Academic Scholars Endorsement, and/or a Global Languages Endorsement
    3. The requirements for earning these endorsements are defined below:

    These endorsements are earned by completing specific coursework, maintaining a minimum grade point average, hitting ACT or SAT reading markers, and earning additional industry certification- career endorsement only. For specific information on the requirements to earn the Career Endorsement, College Endorsement, College/UNC Endorsement, NC Academic Scholars Endorsement or Global Languages Endorsement, please visit the Diploma Endorsements webpage at https://www.dpi.nc.gov/districts-schools/high-school-graduation-requirements/high- school-diploma-endorsements

    1. Students may earn more than one Endorsement.
    2. Students are not required to earn an Endorsement to receive a diploma.