• How to Use This Course of Study


    1. Identify the requirements for graduation by reviewing the chart on pages 6 & 7. Carefully read the course descriptions of both required courses and electives in which you are interested, and make sure you have earned credits in the prerequisite courses.
    2. Talk with your school counselors, career development coordinators, and teachers for assistance with determining the courses you need. School staff members will make recommendations to you by using several criteria such as your previous performance in prerequisite course, test scores, and AP Potential results based on your PSAT information.
    3. Utilize the career development plan developed by you and your counselor in Major Clarity to select the courses you want to take this year and throughout your years in high school.
    4. Meet with your counselor to make your course selections. Have your parent/guardian review your selections to make sure you have registered for the courses you need to pursue your post-secondary goals.