• Withdrawal from an EOC Course

    Per 16 N.C. Admin Code 06D. 0309, “Public school students may drop a course with a required EOC test within the first 10 days of enrollment in a semester block schedule or within the first 20 days of enrollment in a yearlong traditional schedule. Students who are enrolled for credit after the 10/20 days, regardless of course delivery (e.g., traditional classroom, NC Virtual Public School, vendor- based online) shall not drop a course with a required EOC test and shall participate in the appropriate EOC test at the completion of the course.”

    Exceptions to the 10/20 day rule are allowed when it is in the best interest of the student to be removed from a course requiring an EOC test. These cases should be evaluated individually, and consideration should be given to ensure the accountability of the school is not compromised. Some examples of acceptable individual student withdrawals after the first 10/20 days of enrollment include the following:

    • Transfer student inappropriately

    placed in an EOC course. If a student transfers into a school and his or her records do not arrive until after the first 10/20 days to inform a proper placement decision, the school has the latitude to withdraw the student from  the EOC course and place the student in the appropriate course.

    • Student is withdrawn from a course to enroll

    in a higher-level course. Occasionally, a student may be better served to withdraw from an EOC course and enroll in a higher-level course. In such cases, the student takes the appropriate test for the higher-level course; the school remains accountable through the higher-level course. Students must not be withdrawn from an EOC course and enrolled in a higher-level course within the last six weeks of the course.

    • There is a valid medical reason for

    removing a student from an EOC course. In rare cases, an individual student may be deemed medically fragile because of a significant medical emergency or condition, such as an accident, that incapacitates the student for an extended period of time. In such instances, it may be in the student’s best interest to be withdrawn from a course.


    The principal of the school should review each case individually and decide in consultation with the PSU test coordinator, teacher, and parent or guardian whether withdrawal from the course is necessary. If it is determined the student should be withdrawn from the course (after the first 10/20 days), the school must request approval from the Senior Director of the Office of Accountability and Testing using the Process for Notification of Withdrawals after the 10/20 Days in NC Education.