• The Healthful Living Education program promotes behaviors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and improves the quality of life for all students. The Healthful Living Education portion of the Essential State Standards supports and reinforces the standards and objectives of its two major components – health education and physical education. Fit, healthy students who are present and alert in school have a head start on academic performance.

    One credit in Health and Physical Education is required for graduation. Additionally, as part of the Future-Ready Core Course of Study, House Bill 837 G.S. 115c-81 requires that instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) be included in the North Carolina Graduation Requirement of a Health and Physical Education credit for students entering ninth grade in 2011-2012 and later.

  • Health & Physical Education

  • Advanced Physical Education

  • Weight Training

  • Physical Fitness I

  • Sports Medicine I

  • Sports Medicine II

  • Sports Medicine III-Honors

  • Teams Sports