• In this ever-changing world, we have many diverse cultural and linguistic groups converging. The study of a world language has become extremely important. The benefits of effective second language instruction focus on the role of the individual in a multilingual, global society. Students in World Language programs also tend to demonstrate greater cognitive development, creativity and divergent thinking. The learner will also develop insight into the nature of language and culture by comparing his/her own language and cultures to others.

    For students following the Future-Ready Core Course of Study, World Languages is recommended as one of the concentration areas of focus. Although two levels of world languages are no longer a high school graduation requirement, they are part of the minimum requisite for admission to the UNC system and most colleges in the nation. The World Language elective offerings vary from school to school.

    Middle school students in Onslow County Schools may take world language courses that will count as a high school credit. Therefore, if a student successfully completes Level I of a world language course in middle school, he/she may register for Level II of that same world language at grade 9. To receive this credit, the student must have received a passing grade as the combined scores of the course grade and any world languages local assessment. While the courses will receive high school credit, the students’ GPA will be computed with courses taken only during the high school years.

    Students with prior experience with a world language may pursue placement testing to determine the proper course level. Students exploring this option are asked to contact their school counselor.

  • Spanish I

  • Spanish II

  • Spanish III-Honors

  • Spanish III for Healthcare Careers - Honors

  • Spanish IV - Honors

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture

  • French I

  • French II

  • French III - Honors

  • French IV - Honors