• All assignments will be fora full academic year. Students can change assignments during the school year only if they moveout of their current attendance area or meet hardship requirements. Hardship cases will be heard by the school principal and the superintendent’s designee.

    1. Students will meet with the Controlled Enrollment counselor at their home school.
    2. Students must complete the Controlled Enrollment application as well as the required paperwork from the Controlled Enrollment school that will be considered for acceptance in the desired program.
    3. Completed Controlled Enrollment application must be returned to the Student Services Office at the Onslow County Central Office.
    4. These documents will be forwarded to the Controlled Enrollment school for consideration.
    5. After the receiving school determines whether the student will be accepted into the Controlled Enrollment program, the paperwork will be returned to the Student Services Office.
    6. If accepted, a contract will be sent to the parents for final acceptance of the student placement.
    7. A letter outlining the outcome of the applications and the contract will be mailed to both schools and the parent.
    8. Once all paperwork is completed and all conditions have been met, the student will be assigned to the Controlled Enrollment school for the following school year.
    9. Transportation will not be provided outside of the assigned home school attendance area. Parents must provide timely transportation to and from school each day if no exception for transportation has been made. (Failure to provide timely transportation may result in student transfer to their home school)
    10. If space is available, siblings who also make application will be assigned to the same school if older sibling is selected.
    11. Selection will be based on space available. Students will be assigned their choice to the fullest extent possible. If your choice is not available, the student will be assigned to his/her homeschool. All Onslow County students will have an opportunity to participate in controlled enrollment process with assignment based on availability, facilities, and consideration of special needs.
    12. Any student whose choice is to remain at their assigned home district school will not need to complete an application.