• 2024-2025 NC High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA)
    Student may not participate if he/she becomes 19 years of age on or before August 31, 2024.
    Students will forfeit athletic eligibility when unlawful/unexcused absences, out-of-school suspensions, or any combination of unlawful/unexcused absences and out-of-school suspensions during the previous semester exceed ten (10) days.  No process will exist to request a waiver of unexcused/unlawful absences or out-of-school suspensions.
    Attendance is regulated by local LEA policy in terms of length of day required to be counted in attendance.
    Student must be a regularly enrolled member of the school’s student body.  Student must participate at the school to which he/she is assigned by the local board of education.  School assignment is based on the residence of the parent or legal custodian (court ordered custody, not guardian) within the administrative unit.  Student must live with the parents or legal custodian.  A “legal custodian” is a person or agency awarded legal, court-ordered custody of a child.  If no custody order has been entered by a court, the residence shall be deemed to be that of the parent with whom the student begins the school year’s first semester.  A student may not have two residences for eligibility purposes.
    Students enrolled at the Onslow Early College or at the Onslow Virtual School are NOT eligible to participate in athletics.
    In order for a change of residence to be bona fide, at least the following facts must exist:
    1.       The original residence must be abandoned as a residence; that is sold, rented or disposed of as a residence and must not be used as residence by any member of the family.
    2.       The entire family must make the change and take with them the household goods and furniture appropriate to the circumstances.
    3.       The change must be made with intent that the move is permanent.
    After initial entry into the ninth grade, and absent a bona fide move as provided in the Residence section of the NCHSAA Handbook:
    a)       A student transferring from one-member school to another member school within the same LEA must sit out 2 consecutive semesters, or 365 days, whichever is less, for athletic participation.  The LEA may create criteria for immediate athletic eligibility for transfers within the LEA.
    b)      A student transferring from one-member school in one LEA to another member school in a different LEA must sit out 2 consecutive semesters, or 365 days, whichever is less, for athletic participation.  Exceptions for immediate athletic eligibility for transfers from one LEA to a different LEA will be heard by a special NCHSAA transfer committee.


    Transfers within the same administrative unit are governed by the local board of education. A student transferred from one administrative unit to another by mutual agreement, is immediately eligible for athletic participation in the receiving unit, if eligible in all other respects.
    Student must be properly enrolled at the member school no later than the 15th day of the present semester and must be in regular attendance at that school. No student may participate at a second school in the same sport in the same sport season except in the event of a bona fide change of residence of the parent(s) or legal custodian. Change of schools must be contemporaneous with change of residence.
    Student must receive a medical examination once every 365 days by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant. Students absent from athletic practice for five (5) or more days due to illness or injury shall receive a medical release by a physician licensed to practice medicine before re-admittance to practice or contests. No student may be eligible to participate at the high school level for a period lasting longer than eight (8) consecutive semesters, beginning with the student's first entry into ninth grade or participation on a high school team, whichever occurs first.
    Falsification of information in terms of eligibility will result in the student athlete(s) being declared ineligible for a period of 365 days from the point of notification by the NCHSAA.
    No student may participate at the high school level for more than four (4) seasons in a sport (one season per year), i.e. A student could not play fall women's soccer in one state and then play NCHSAA women's soccer in the spring. A student must not be convicted of a felony in this or any other state or be adjudicated as a delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult in this or any other state. A student may not play, practice or be on the roster in any capacity (manager, for example) if ineligible. This does not apply to summer workouts, but the student should be enrolled in school. A student may not dress for a game or scrimmage when he/she is not eligible to participate in the game. If serving an "ejection", student may be in the bench area but may not be in uniform. To maintain amateur status, a student must not accept money or awards having utilitarian value (golf balls, clubs, tennis rackets, etc.) For participation in athletics, a student must not have signed a professional contract or played on a junior college/community college team.
    Each coach must sign off on the eligibility summary form that is signed by the principal and athletic director. A mandatory parent/guardian meeting must be held to have the parent sign the parental permission form to acknowledge eligibility, the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act (Session Law 2011-147, House Bill 792) and sportsmanship policies/expectations have been reviewed.
    1.    A home school student is eligible to become dual enrolled and participate in athletics at the high school level in Onslow County Schools only if their domicile is located within the administrative boundaries of Onslow County Schools. Home school students can become dual enrolled and participate in athletics only within the LEA that their unit of residence is located.
    2   Home school students must enroll in Onslow County Schools following the enrollment and assignment procedures/policies established by the Onslow County Board of Education (Policy 3102). Additionally, home school students must submit/complete or adhere to the following:
    a.  Must present a home school card from the Division of Non-Public Education for the previous and current years as well as a transcript, attendance record, and record of immunizations.
    b.  Must submit proof that the student has been enrolled in a registered home school for 365 days prior to being eligible to participate in athletics in an Onslow County School.
    c.  Prior to the first date of practice, the student must provide a nationally standardized achievement test, taken within the last year, which indicates the overall grade level proficiency of the student.  If the grade level indicated by the test is below the grade level for the year it was taken (determined by ninth grade entry date) then the student is ineligible for the current semester.
    d.  Must participate in a class schedule within an Onslow County School that is at least one half of the assigned school’s instructional day.
    e.  Must take a minimum of two home school classes each semester that have been preapproved by student’s assigned Onslow County School in order to maintain athletic eligibility after the initial semester.  Dual enrolled students must continue to meet NCHSAA academic standards of attaining a minimum of three academic credits each semester and must meet Onslow County School’s promotion standards at the end of each academic year.
    f.   To maintain athletic eligibility the dual enrolled student must pass all Onslow County School’s classes that he/she is enrolled in.
    g.  Once dual enrolled and deemed eligible to participate in athletics at an Onslow County School, the student must maintain continuous dual enrollment. Failure to maintain continuous dual enrollment would render the student ineligible at all NCHSAA member schools for 365 days.
    h.  Home school students must notify in writing the Principal or Principal’s designee of their intent to try out for an athletic team at least ten days prior to the first practice date of the sport season they wish to participate in. Eligibility would be pending for this athlete until the enrollment process is verified complete and the athlete has been determined to be eligible.  A student who does not meet this ten-day requirement is ineligible for that sport season.
    ·         Fall Sports Start Date – July 31, 2024
    ·         Winter Sports Start Date – October 30, 2024
    ·         Spring Sports Start Date – February 14, 2025
    i.   Dual enrolled students must meet all other applicable NCHSAA rules and Onslow County athletic policies/rules to be eligible for athletic participation at an Onslow County School (e.g. – Age of Player, Eight Semester Rule, Medical Examination, Proof of Residence, Felony Policy, etc.).
    j.   A dual enrolled student in an Onslow County School that transitions to and becomes a fully enrolled student will then be governed by NCHSAA rules regarding fully enrolled students.
    Any student who (1) is convicted of a crime classified as a felony under North Carolina or federal law; or (2) is adjudicated delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult, is not eligible to participate in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association sports program.  (a) Such ineligibility shall be immediate and shall prohibit participation in the NCHSAA sports program from the date of conviction or adjudication of delinquency through the end of the student’s high school career. (b) Appellate or other post-conviction review of the conviction or adjudication of delinquency does not affect the student’s immediate ineligibility. (c) “Convicted” and “conviction,” for the purpose of this policy, includes the entry of: (1) A plea of guilty; or (2) A plea of no contest, nolo contendere, or the equivalent; or (3) A verdict or finding of guilty by a jury, judge, magistrate, or other duly constituted, established, and recognized adjudicating body, tribunal, or official, either civilian or military. (4) A person is “convicted” or “adjudicated delinquent” for the purposes of this policy, in North Carolina state courts, the courts of the United States, another state, the armed services of the United States, or another country.
    Onslow County Schools Athletic policy further states that: Any student with pending felony charges will not be allowed to participate in any athletic contests until the case is adjudicated or charges are dropped.  Furthermore, a student who is actively participating on a school team and has any pending criminal charges (other than minor traffic tickets) filed against him/her will not be allowed to participate in any contests until the case is adjudicated. The head coach, in consultation with the school’s administration, will determine if the student can remain on the team while awaiting adjudication of the case. It is the responsibility of any student who has any pending criminal charges (other than minor traffic tickets), or is on probation, or is in the deferred prosecution program, to notify his/her coach of the violations and any subsequent disciplinary action stemming from those legal proceedings.