• Discipline Expectations and Procedures


    One of the major goals in our fourth-grade classroom is for each child to build outstanding character so that he or she will become a successful and productive citizen.  The rules of our classroom are: 


    1. Follow directions quickly.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak and/or leave your seat.
    3. Be respectful.


                To assist students in becoming a model citizen, our classroom community will require that everyone be held accountable for his or her actions.  Therefore, our class will use “Collins Cash” to encourage positive behaviors. Each day, students can earn “cash” for meeting classroom expectations.  For example, students will earn money each day for being responsible by completing and turning in their work.  They may also earn "cash" for demonstrating self-discipline and cooperation by quickly transitioning from one subject or class activity to another and for demonstrating a respectful and caring attitude toward their fellow classmates and other school personnel.  Consequences for not following rules and expectations may include verbal warning, payment of fines (Collins Cash), change of seat, etc.  A referral to administration will be made when necessary.  Parents will be contacted via phone, email, or written notes if behaviors become a concern. 

                Every few weeks, students will be rewarded by being given the opportunity to spend their "cash" that they have earned in the participation of one of the following: a classroom auction, game time, sundae party, or an arts and crafts event, or other similar activities. Students will be required to pay an "entrance fee" to participate in these events.  (For example:  $20 for game time or craft activity, highest bidder for an item sold at auction, or the purchase of ingredients to create their sundae.) 

    Remembering new rules and procedures can sometimes be difficult at the beginning of the year.  Students will be given a reminder of the appropriate action or behavior they should display.  A classroom action note will be sent home if he/she continues negative behaviors.  An office referral will be written for more serious behavior or frequent behaviors.  Thank you for your cooperation in encouraging your child to be a successful and productive citizen!  Please sign and return this form.