• Please be mindful of Student and Staff Safety at all times.

    NBMS Families,

    For our Student's and Staff's safety:

    *Please drop-off and pick-up only in the established zones.

    **The back pick-up and drop-off area can get congested. Our preference is that parents pick up and drop off in the front circle area.

    **Students should NOT enter or exit vehicles on the Driver's side/ street side of the vehicle. This poses a safety issue.

    **All students should cross in the monitored crosswalk zones.

    **Please follow staff directives at all times.

    **Please maintain a safe speed around campus.


    **The dismissal window from start to finish is just over 13 minutes on average. (Expect longer times the first two weeks of school.) You can miss the longer wait if you arrive on campus closer to 2:50 PM. All students are moved to the front circle at 2:50 PM so they are safely supervised as they await pick-up.


    Vehicles may not begin lining up for student pick-up more than 30 minutes prior to dismissal



    Arrival and Dismissal Traffic Pattern Around the Campus:

    Traffic should line up in front of the school wrapping around the Football/Soccer Field.

    Traffic Pattern around the campus.


    Front Circle Traffic Pattern:

    Front Circle Traffic Pattern


    Back of School Traffic Pattern:

    Back of school traffic pattern.