Parents and students should read the Student Handbook, as well as the Guidelines for Success (S.O.A.R.)  Students are expected to adhere to ALL school/classroom rules/expectations, policies, and procedures. 

    Below are our Classroom Rules/Expectations:

    1. Follow Directions Quickly (Meaning... the first time asked, with no more than one reminder)

    2. Raise Hand for Permission to Speak and Leave Your Seat (Unless we are having an open class discussion or students are collaborating)

    3. ALWAYS Be Respectful (This applies to teachers, classmates, materials, and themselves.)

    4. ALWAYS Try Your Best (In EVERYTHING you do.)

    5. Learn From Your Mistakes (Academically and Behaviorally)

    In our class, we use a combination of a Color Chart and Class Dojo.

    Class Dojo- You can keep up with daily behaviors by joining Class Dojo for our Classroom. There are many ways to earn dojo points. Your child's goal is to earn 100 points a month to attend a PBIS party. As consequences will result in a loss of points, depending on the infraction, which will be shown in Class Dojo. See examples below. 


    Color Chart- As a means of tracking student behavior, we have a Classroom Behavior Chart.  Every student starts the day on Green.  If they receive a warning/infraction during the day, they will turn their card to Yellow.  A second infraction will cause them to turn their cards to Red, which will lead to automatic Parent Contact.  Students that go above and beyond and set a GREAT example for others will receive a Blue card.  Students that end on Green/Blue will receive at least 5 dojo points a day, Yellow = NO dojo points, and Red = the amount for the Rule/Expectation that wasn't followed, silent lunch, and Parent Contact.    


    All of these methods should work together in an effort to ensure your child is successful in our class.  My goal is to not only prepare your child academically, but to also assist them in becoming a productive, model citizen.... in and out of school.

    As students have already learned... the one thing that we will NEVER have enough of is TIME.  I will not allow ANY student to be a distraction to myself or others or interfere with their learning in ANY way.  If students are consistently causing distractions to others, including myself. 

    I would much rather we focus on POSITIVE reinforcement, but we do have consequences if needed.  I sincerely appreciate parent support in reinforcing our Rules and Expectations.  This will go a long way in ensuring your child has a successful year in every way possible!


    Below are our school's Guidelines for Success...

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