As a part of the Onslow County School system, we value and prioritize the safety of our staff and students. We value the economic mindset of being wise models of tax dollars, efficiency in stretching every dollar to its limit, and maintaining excellence while setting the stage for solid, effective instruction. District wide, it is our hope that you find specific characteristics in our staff members and educators alike, all of which further represent all that we stand for here at 


    1. Every employee is empowered with the responsibility and flexibility to do their job.
    2. Every employee is well-trained to do their job.
    3. Every employee is given the physical tools necessary to perform their job to the very best of their ability.
    4. Employees demonstrate tack and professionalism at all times, which in turn represent our high standards and expectations for customer service.
    5. Decisions are guided by carefully constructed long-range plans and are justifiable by our customers and the public alike.