• Let your child see you reading!

    Kids begin to understand written language when they hear the adults around them read stories to them and when they see those same adults reading newspapers, magazines, and books for themselves. These early experiences with spoken and written language set the stage for children to become successful readers and writers.

    Don’t like to read yourself? That’s OK! Reading books isn’t the only way to encourage reading. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started!

    • Cooking dinner? Pull out the recipe card (or turn on your tablet) and take turns reading the steps with your child.

    • Going on a road trip, or even just the grocery store? Use your GPS or a map to get you there, but mute the GPS and read the steps out loud as you are about to change directions!

    • Going grocery shopping? Sit down with your cookbooks, recipe cards, and/or tablet to write out your list of items.

    • Putting together a new piece of furniture? Have your child help you read the steps for putting it together successfully!