• Let your teens see you reading!

    Getting teenagers or preteens interested in anything can sometimes be a challenge in itself. So why not meet them halfway? Read some books that have been written for teens and let them see you reading them! These young adult novels can give you valuable insights into the concerns and pressures felt by teenagers. You may find that these books provide neutral ground on which to talk about sensitive subjects. Once you’ve opened the door, you can begin to make reading and sharing reading a part of your family life!

    Make reading aloud part of family life - share an article you clipped from the paper, a poem, a letter, or a random page from an encyclopedia — without turning it into a lesson.

    Don’t like to read yourself? That’s OK! Reading books isn’t the only way to encourage reading. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started!

    • Cooking dinner? Pull out the recipe card (or turn on your tablet) and have your teen/preteen direct you on what to do.
    • Going on a road trip, or even just the grocery store? Use your GPS or a map to get you there, but mute the GPS and have your teen/preteen read the steps out loud, so you know when to change directions!
    • Going grocery shopping? Sit down with your cookbooks, recipe cards, and/or tablet to write out your list of items. Better yet, have your teen/preteen help you create the list!
    • Putting together a new piece of furniture? Have your teen/preteen help you by reading the steps for putting it together successfully!