• Reading is a fun way to learn new words!

    Did you know that for every 100 words, books contain THREE rare words? Reading books gives your student a way to see, hear, and learn new words that aren’t used in everyday conversation. To a kid walking down the street, the object that his dad uses to get to and from work is just a ‘car.’ He knows this from his real-life experiences. In books, though, he may learn vehicle, automobile, limousine, station wagon, coupe, hardtop, convertible, jalopy, junker, buggy, sedan, and so many more alternative ways to describe a ‘car!’

    So, how can you, the learning coach, help your student learn new and exciting words?

    • Keep a dictionary on hand to help your student look up new words they read or hear!

    • Help your student find appropriate apps and/or games? Check out these two resources to find the just-right pick for your student!

      • Education.com

      • Common Sense Media

      • Don’t feel pressured to purchase another app or games! Ask your student’s teacher for a class specific list of games they already use, suggestions for tailoring the app/games to your student's needs, and advice on which of the few you’ve narrowed it down to, to choose! Your students’ teacher is the best source of information on what would best support their needs in the classroom!

    • Keep a word journal where you and your family record interesting words or words you all don’t know.