• Wanna help us get creative?  There are lots of items that we can use that you are probably throwing away!  Donations of any of these items is GREATLY appreciated :) 

    Artsy things

    Pencils and erasers

    New or used Coloring materials (crayons, color pencils, markers)

    Any kind of paint and brushes


    Scissors and rulers




    Around the House…



    Plastic dishes and baby food cups with lids

    Coffee cans and Pringles tubes

    Zip-lock bags

    Plastic shopping bags

    Aluminum Foil and Wax paper

    Any wire coat hangers

    Old jewelry

    Old kitchen utensils

    Sponges, scrubbers, or dish towels


    Fabric things…


    Fabric or any kind

    Old T-shirts (any color and any print)

    Men’s button up shirts (for art aprons)

    Sheets and Blankets

    Clean Nylon Stockings

    Any Thread, Ribbons, or weave-able string


    Anything related to sewing



    Paper things…



    toilet paper/paper towel rolls

    Wallpaper books

    Old animal books or animal magazines

    Books from hair stylists (full frontal faces and facial features)

    Any Art related book (How To’s, Crafty, Landscapes, Themed books with BIG pictures)

    Any Scrap papers… we love to collage!


    Odds and Ends!

    Small Wood scraps (No splinters please)

    Ply Wood 24”x24” or bigger

    Plexiglas (any sizes)

    Cardboard tubes

    Big Corrugated cardboard pieces 

    hand tools (hammers, pliers, screw drivers)

    PVC pipes, connectors, glue 

    Fascinating still life stuff


    - hats, shoes/boots, old bones/animal skulls, teddy bears, professional uniforms, sea shells, cups and saucers, silk flowers, Store manikins, broken electronics or clocks … if it would be fun to draw, we’d love to have it! 


    Anything you have 36-38 of... we can probably find a use for.


    **If there is a remote possibility we can do something with it, then send it... we are VERY creative. If we can't use it, we'll either find someone who can or we will recycle it.