• North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS)

    The purpose of the NCVPS is to provide online, e-Learning opportunities to North Carolina middle and high school students. This opportunity is available at no cost to students.

    Onslow County students are eligible for e-Learning courses if they are enrolled two face-to-face periods a day on an Onslow County High School campus. Contact a school counselor for enrollment policies and procedures. Administrative approval is required prior to enrollment in NCVPS courses.

    Students may enroll in courses that are unavailable at their school and for courses that augment their local school’s program of study. There are a variety of available options including:

      • Advanced Placement courses not offered on the school campus.
      • Courses required for graduation that are at capacity on the school campus.
      • Courses for homebound/hospital-bound students who wish to graduate on time.
      • Courses to enable three-year high school graduation.

    All NCVPS courses are taught by highly qualified North Carolina licensed teachers. Students enroll through their local districted high school, grades are reported to their school, and their districted school awards credit. The courses use learning management and collaborative software to maximize student interaction in each class. NCVPS teachers use the latest technologies to engage students as well as prepare them to be career and college ready.

    Students (and their parents/guardians) interested in enrolling in an e-Learning course should become familiar with the information and course catalog found on the NCVPS website: http://www.ncvps.org. An e-Learning (online) environment requires that students be personally responsible in terms of meeting deadlines, be independently motivated, possess proficient reading, writing and computer skills and have an organized approach to study.