• An Overview of Policies and Procedures for Inbound Foreign Exchange Students

    Interested sponsoring organizations must be listed as an approved J-1 inbound program as noted on the CSIET website, Council for Standards on International Educational Travel. A complete list of organizations can be found at www.csiet.org 

    Foreign Exchange organizations must have a local representative through an approved agency.  This representative must submit completed applications to the Executive Director of Secondary Services for initital review.

    Packages must include:       

    • A complete application package for review: narrative, complete official transcripts, language rating scores, health assessment, and host family information.
    • Once the Division of CRGD deems the application package as meeting the initial requirements, the package is sent to the school-level principal/designee for final approval.  

    Acceptance of Foreign Exchange Students falls under OCS Board Policy 4160   

    Acceptance of students includes:
    1. Subject to approval by the Onslow County School Superintendent/designee
    2. Application for admission to the Onslow County School System must be between February 1st and July 15th of the year in which the student wishes to enroll
    3. Be 16 years of age by the first day of school and not to exceed 19 years of age by the last day of school
    4. Present a valid J-1 visa
    5. Have a one-plus rating/or equivalent of the English language
    6. Present documentation of acceptable academic achievement and other required documentation
    7. Are for a full year placement
    8. Foreign exchange students are not eligible for Out-of-District application/placement.

    Requirements of the Host Family

    1. Be affiliated with an approved foreign exchange organization
    2. Must be a resident and live within Onslow County
    3. Both parents of the host family must be residing at the address
    4. Assist in registering the foreign exchange student in the high school
    5. May not be a relative of the visiting international student
    6. Provide safe comfortable, and nurturing environment for the student they host

    Additional Points of Interest

    1. Foreign Exchange students are placed in a high school assigned to the host family's address.
    2. Foreign Exchange students are not eligible to enroll if they have graduated from high school in their home country.
    3. Foreign Exchange students do not receive a diploma from the Onslow County School System.
    4. Acceptance is contingent on available "seats" due to course loads/class size.


    Please send inquires and placement requests to Will Laine at William.Laine@onslow.12.nc.us