• 1st Grade School Supply List

      1-Backpack (no wheels please)

      1-Pair of computer headphones (no ear buds)

      1-Pack of YELLOW #2 pencils with erasers (no mechanical pencils)

      1-Laptop sleeve or case

      2 -boxes of Crayons

      1-Box of washable markers

      1-Box of colored pencils

      1-Plastic pencil box with snap lid

      12- Glue sticks

      6- Composition books (non-spiral, typically marbled covered)

      Pink Brick Erasers

      1-Pack copy paper-White

      1-Pack copy paper -Colored

      1-Pack of regular Expo markers

      3-Vinyl Folders with prongs

      1-Pair of scissors

      1-Box of tissues

      1-Box disinfectant wipes/spray

      1-Box of quart sized quart Ziploc Bags (boys)

      1-Box of gallon sized gallon Ziploc Bags (girls)

      Water bottle

      Recess items for donation: bubbles, hula hoops, chalk, jump ropes, etc. (small independent items)

      **Donations of post-its, index cards, baby wipes, tissues, Ziploc-bags, Disinfecting wipes/spray, and hand sanitizer