• Attached is the link for our online learning experience. You will see that we planned for four weeks versus the two weeks we are out of school. I promise we don't know anything more than you guys, we just wanted to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Under each week you will see the days of the week. I suggest starting with the Welcome tab before moving into the first week. Under each week you will see a weekly overview that sums up the assignments for the week. These assignments are not expected to be done completely independent. I don't recommend handing it off to your child to do alone because they may need some guidance. You'll see all subject areas that contain work and this work needs to be kept and turned in once we return to school. If you find the work is too much for your child, please modify the work as you see fit. They need to do all subject areas everyday, but if you need to cut back on the amount because it's too much for them that is completely okay.  There is a tab that contains resources. I highly recommend you take a look at these resources because a lot of companies are doing free subscriptions right now and it will keep your child engaged and learning during the break. Please don't forget that learning is important, but it's also important to give your child a break and get them moving around. If you have any questions at all about the work, navigating the sight, or resources please feel free to contact me. 
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