• Classroom Supply List

    1 -bookbag

    8 -gluesticks

    2 -Pink erasers (the large rectangular ones)

    1-plastic pencil box (NO zipper pouches, please) 

    1 - child size scissors

    2 - 24 count crayons (Crayola brand preferred, but not required)

    2 -plastic folders with prongs and pockets 

    1 -PLUG IN headphones (Over the ear style, please, as the buds tend to fall out of little ears and cause them frustrations.) hint: Straight jacks work better in the protective cases than the bent ones.

    1- reusable water bottle (spill proof, with built in straw or suction top, please.) 

    4 - black dry-erase markers (skinny size preferred, but not required.)

    **1 -change of clothing (to include shirt/bottoms/underwear/socks)

    These items are OPTIONAL, and NOT required. If you can and would be willing to donate, we'd greatly appreciate it!

    Baby wipes - we go through packs of baby wipes like crazy. The kids use them when cleaning up since they are safe for their skin.

    Extra snacks (individually packaged) for students who may forget to bring one. Examples include: goldfish, cheese crackers, pretzels, etc.

    extra glue sticks

    gallon and/or quart size zip-lock bags

    If you clean out any toy boxes at home, we will gladly take any of the small toys off your hands for our classroom prize box!