• Parent Communication  

    Agendas-  Students are responsible for writing/copying down their homework weekly. They will have the opportunity to write down their homework for Math and Science on Monday for the entire week. Please make sure your child is sharing their agenda with you nightly and asking for your signature. Information about homework and behaviors are noted daily by both teachers. Your student has homework every night (MON-THRS). Homework for Math and Science will not be completed in class. 

     NCedCloud/Parent Portal- Your child will have a log in, unique to them, in which they will have daily access their individual grades and current averages. Any missing assignments will be noted online and therefore can be seen by you and your child. If you do not have a Parent Portal login yet, please  click the link below, print and fill out the form. Once completed take it to our school's front office. You will be required to show a picture I.D. Your login information will be sent home with your child in a sealed envelope. 


     Tuesday folders-Every Tuesday you should be receiving a folder of graded assignments. These grades are reflective of what you should see in Parent Portal as you access your child's grades. Signatures are required for these folders. Students receive credits for returning their folder.

     Please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or a note in the agenda with any concerns. We are here for you as partners and team members to ensure your child's success. Thank you so much for all of your support thus far! It's truly appreciated!