• Part 1 of Colorguard Uniform Payments! Must be paid by June 10th

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    Congrats to Naomi M for being selected as the 2022 Colorguard Section Leader

    Hey, join our 'Dixon Color Guard' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!



    Congrats to the following students for being selected for the 2022 Colorguard

    In No Order

    Rhylee C.
    Hannah R
    Alex K
    Naiya M
    Austin S
    Makynzie F
    Amela K
    Laura R
    Emma V
    Emily A
    Kaylee W
    Chloe S
    Katelyn J
    Naomi M
    Natalie B
    Seneca B
    Bekengi K
    Benecia C
    Ivy Reed






    Please don't get discouraged if you didn't get make the team, there will be a winter ensemble and auditions will take place at the end of the Fall Semester. Please come out again next year!