• Behavior Management Polices  Traci Marshburn 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher 

           A safe and collaborative learning environment is required for student success.

    Students in my classroom will be asked to follow ALL school regulations along with these classroom rules. 

       Laws to Learn By 

    1. At all times, be respectful to teachers and one another.
    2. Follow directions.
    3. Always come to class prepared.
    4. Keep a positive attitude.
    5. Have permission to be out of your seat.
    6. Take pride in yourself and your work. 
    7. Raise your hand for questions and WAIT to be called upon.


    Behaviors that are considered inappropriate Include: aggressive behavior, cheating, disruptive behavior, gaming, improper use of technology, NOT following directions, talking out, being rude or disrespectful to staff or students or breaking any school rule.


     Students will have a complete review of all rules and procedures during the first week of instruction and will be required to review the copy of the DMS Student Handbook which is available on their 1:1 laptop.

      Consequences for not following the school or classroom rules:

     1.Students who exhibit inappropriate behaviors will first receive a verbal redirection.

    1. If behavior continues the student will receive a notice and have the behavior documented using the school's Behavior Management Software. Loss of privilege may occur. 
    2. A third offense with result in having the behavior recorded in Educator’s Handbook, the parents of students will be notified, and the student will conference with all teachers as a group. A Loss of privileges will occur, and student will be required to complete a reflection activity. 
    3. If inappropriate behavior continues it will be documented and administration will be involved in managing the consequences of the student’s behavior.