February 16, 2023- All County Band Sectional- from 6-8pm, at Jacksonville Commons Middle School

    (students need to be at the school by 5:45pm)

                    This night is reserved for our sectional- a rehearsal session for all members of the band. Students are already in the band but will have to perform a small audition for chair placements (for winds only). For winds this means you will play your All District Chromatic Scale. Once chair placements have been made then students will rehearse with their section and a teacher.


    February 24th- All County Band Clinic- from 12pm-6pm, at Northside High School

    (students will be transported to the event via OCS white activity buses but will need to be picked up from the event by parents)

                    This is the first part of our clinic where students will finally join together and rehearse with our clinician! Students will not be counted absent from school since it is a school trip. Students will be provided a bagged lunch if they eat from the cafeteria or they will eat their own lunch prior to leaving Swansboro Middle School.


    February 25th- All County Band Clinic (from 9am-2:15pm) & Concert (3:30pm), at Northside High School

    (students will need to be transported to and from the event)

                    This is the final part of our clinic and our concert day! Just like the previous day students will rehearse at Northside High School, and then will perform a concert. For the day students will be provided with lunch (Subway sandwiches with meat and veggie options, chips, and a water bottle). Should you have an dietary restrictions please notify your director about a solution. Please bring a change of Concert Attire (white shirt, kahki pants, black dress shoes & socks- same attire from Holiday Concert) for the concert at 3:00pm. Students need to be seated by 3:00pm in Concert Attire. The concert will begin at 3:30pm sharp!

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    Pre-MPA Concert- February 27th, 2023 at 6pm in the Swansboro Middle School Auditorium

                Call time is 5:45pm seated. This will be a shared concert with the Orchestra MPA group. We will use this concert as an opportunity to perform our music for an audience. It will allow us to check in and see what still needs work before our MPA Performance. Concert Attire will be the same as the Holiday Concert- White Dress Shirt, Khaki Pants, Black Dress Shoes and Socks- all school appropriate.


    Rehearsal Clinic with Dr. Staub- March 6th, 2023- During class time at school

                We will get to work with Dr. William Staub from East Carolina University. He will come in during our class time and listen to us perform and give feedback and work with our group of students. This is a great opportunity to hear from a college professor and enhance our performance before we go to MPA!


    MPA Event- March 16th or 17th, 2023- Field Trip (Times to TBA when schedule is finalized)

                These are the available dates for our MPA Performance that happens at Havelock High School. We will know the actual date and times as we get closer to the event. At this event we will travel by white activity buses. After our performance we will stop for lunch. Students will need approx. $12-15 dollars for lunch depending on how much they eat. More details to come as our date is solidified! CHAPERONES WILL BE NEEDED FOR THIS TRIP! If you are a parent who would like to chaperone please contact Mr. Cummings ASAP. We will need 3-4 parents to help us with moving students, equipment, and monitoring during the trip. It will be during school hours.

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    Mr. Cummings will be allowing students to stay after school to rehearse starting 9/8/2022 from 2:30-3:30pm- and every Tuesday and Thursday after this point. This is optional and all students are welcome to attend. 
    During this time students are encouraged to work on the music they have received in class, complete assignments for band, or prepare for other Honors Ensembles- like All District, Solo and Ensemble, or MPA. 
    There are two rules for staying after school to rehearse-
    1). Students that stay after school will be required to have EXCEPTIONAL behavior. If there is a problem with behavior then they will lose the privilege of staying after school for extra help. Remember this is a time to work and play music!
    2). Rides must pick students up promptly at 3:30pm at the front of the school. If a students ride is late more than once then they may lose the privilege of staying after school for extra help. If a ride is late then parents will be called.
    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! 
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