Mrs. Miracle



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Miracle

I have my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in English.  I graduated cum laude, from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in December 2001. 


I have been in Onslow County Schools since August of 2002, but I have most enjoyed my time at Dixon.  I have been here since August 2004.


About Mrs. Miracle

Welcome to a brand new year. 
My name is Stephanie Miracle. 
My husband, Shane, and I have been happily married since September 2, 1992. 
We have 2 grown children, a son, Jake, and a daughter, Courtney.
We have 2 rescue Rotties, the first was born on 9/11/2014, and is named Liberty.  The other is a pound puppy that we think to be just older than Libby.  Her name is Duchess.
I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and reading. I am a HUGE Carolina Panthers fan. 

Welcome to first grade and our classroom community- where teachers, parents,  and students teach and learn together. I look forward to  teaching and learning with the community that I have been blessed with this school year.

I have been teaching since January 2002. 

I have taught second, third, fourth and fifth grades. 

I have a Frankenstein philosophy of teaching; that is, all children, no matter what, want two things in life: 
1. to be loved and 2. to learn. I believe that all people deserve an unbiased start in spite of gender, race, background, ability.

High Expectations

Studies indicate that student success and achievement is directly related to the amount of meaningful effort put forth by the student (Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock; 2005). As I mentioned, I have a Frankenstein philosophy of teaching. 

Frankenstein was created by a man. He spent his life trying to be loved and trying to learn. 
He only became monster when his creator and society rejected him. Like Frankenstein, children are born into circumstances beyond their control. All children, regardless of circumstance desire two things above all others. Children want to feel loved and children want to learn. Successful people had those needs met as children. I became a teacher because education saved me. 
As an educator, I stand for what can be when you don't let circumstance become an excuse. I stand for what can be when you don't judge a person by their place. My gifts to my students are my high expectations. Failure is not trying; not trying is not an option. I believe with everything that I am that people do, indeed, live up or down to the expectations set for them. I hope that my legacy is that students choose to try and succeed in so doing. I will continue to be reflective in practice, seeking creative and innovative teaching strategies that engage students.