Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Neisha Grant-Lawrence

  • Being a third-grade teacher is not just a job; it's a passion, a calling, and a lifelong commitment to shaping the future. Elementary school teacher since 2008, including serving my country, Jamaica, as a teacher and as an Instructional Coach from 2017-2022. My first love is reading a good book, but I will read just about anything. I firmly believe in self-care and mental health; I love curried goat with white rice, pressed green plantain and i enjoy a good scoop of ice cream or a slice of pastry. As an elementary teacher, my life has been filled with the joy of nurturing young minds and helping them discover the wonders of learning. Teaching third graders means developing creative and engaging lessons. I discuss the challenges and rewards of tailoring curriculum to meet the needs of my diverse learners. One of my passions is instilling a love for reading/research and a love for math in my students. The heart of teaching lies in building strong relationships with my students as a result, I share my life's experiences with them, especially being an international teacher. They always enjoy my stories while teaching as it makes that real life connection for them.

    I love to celebrate life's successes, both big and small, that my students achieve throughout the school year.

    I reflect on the lasting impact of teaching third grade. My hope is that the lessons I've imparted and the values I've instilled will shape my students into confident, lifelong learners.

    I am passionate about creating a safe, exciting and diverse learning environment that both my students and I will anticipate coming to each day. I encourage my students to make the best of opportunities and learn as much as they can. I can't wait to fill the year with knowledge, conversations, and laughter as we build our classroom community with you and your children. 

    Being a third-grade teacher is not just a job; it's a passion, a calling, and a lifelong commitment to shaping the future. I look forward to the adventure that awaits me this year.


    Professional Background

    Trained and supervised my Primary school’s Math Olympiad Team  2013-2017 gaining Top 10 positions over 3 years

    School Teacher of the Year Nominee 2013-2014

    Awarded for service as Math Club Leader 2015

    Award for Most Active Teacher in Grade Four 2015

    100% Proficiency at the class level in Literacy and Numeracy for over three years over the period 2014-2017

    Awarded National Mathematics Teacher of the Year in 2017

    Served as a school-based Mathematics teacher (SBMT) over the period 2013-2015 engaging 1st to 6th grade students in mathematics learning.

    Supervised and planned all Mathematics Lesson Plans as well as In-School Mathematics Assessments for Grade Four (4) for the period 2013-2017

    Organized, assisted and facilitated Mathematics Activities and Competitions at the elementary level during the period 2013-2017 at my (primary) school.

    Trained by the Jamaican Ministry of Education Youth & Information (MOEY&I) to utilize the Singapore Bar Model in Mathematics instruction.

    Award of Excellence for outstanding performance over the period 2017-2022 as Instructional Coach with Jamiaca's Ministry of Education

    Served on the National logistics planning committee for teachers' training and implementation of the Specialist Teacher Model Pilot 2018 in Jamaica

    Contributor (Writer) of the Grade Four & Five Numeracy Junior Study lessons for The Jamaica Observer Ltd since 2016 to present.

    Served as a Member of the Logistics Committee in planning and implementation of the training programme for teachers under the MOEY&I Primary Specialist Teacher Model Pilot 

    Served as an Instructional coach to support between 3-13 schools in improving students’ performance and teachers’ competencies in mathematics during the period 2017-2022

    21 hours of Training in ‘The Mathematical and Teaching Practices’ with Dr. Jennifer Bay-Williams (International Mathematics Educator)

    Trained to and monitored the Jamica Ministry of Education (MOE) Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Assessments during the period 2019-2022

    Served as a Trainer for the Student Assessment Unit (SAU) on analyzing student PEP data to drive planning for students 

    Online teaching at Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEY&I) endorsed One on One teaching Platform (March-July, 2020) during the Covid pandemic to ensure access to mathematics education for 2nd grade students across the island of Jamaica.Planned and delivered the MOEY&I Grade 2 Video Lesson recordings for television and other online platformsBachelors in Primary Education from University of the West Indies (UWI) through St. Joseph’s Teachers College.